Feeling stressed at work? You can prevent burnout!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

High-performance coaching is different than traditional coaching- it’s much more powerful, comprehensive and sustainable. While traditional coaching is often focused on maximizing one’s potential in life or at work, it sometimes overlooks other behaviors and tendencies that might interfere with one’s ability to perform to their fullest potential. Developing awareness of those interferences (i.e., performance blockers), and removing them, can make a huge difference and lead to breakthrough results.

The approaches and techniques used in high-performance coaching borrow heavily from the worlds of sport and the military – areas where optimal performance is key.

I have been coaching David, a successful executive on Wall Street for over a year now. David is a high-achiever, and have had a very progressive career, leading to C-level roles. David has always been very motivated, super talented and highly-regarded in his professional field. A true expert, and great leader!

Yes, David needed some traditional leadership coaching like many leaders do… so for the first few months we focused on boosting his ability to motivate his employees through effective and encouraging communication and better-structured messaging. He made very good progress, received positive 360 feedback, and saw real evidence of improvement.

Yet, David was unhappy- he had reoccurring episodes of stress, frequently reaching burnout points, and unfortunately needed mental therapy to supplement my executive coaching. By working collaboratively with his therapist, we explored root-causes and came to the realization that it’s David’s unproductive work habits, and lack of opportunities to relax and slowdown all of which interfered with his performance. We then focused on developing new daily routines, better time management and productivity skills, and better work-life habits. David was committed to the process and is now back to himself. “I feel like a new person” he said recently. Clear feeling of victory!

We all have stress in our jobs, and lives, but overstress leads to the wrong places. Think about it as weight and resistance training in the gym. Overworked muscles lead to pain. Emotional stress is no different. Some reasonable stress levels are usually good, but beyond a certain point there are diminishing returns. You can prevent burnout!

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