Transform a Business- the 360 Experience

My client is a major player in the healthcare industry, manufacturing and selling products commonly used at healthcare facilities, including hospitals.

My primary goal was to reduce cycle-times needed to bring one of their products to consumers (i.e., physicians).

While this sounded like a classical work process improvement engagement, which typically uses operations management techniques (e.g., process mapping, data collection, analysis etc.), it quickly manifested itself to tapping into many human aspects that impact the people involved in the process, from senior leadership, to employees who have various direct and indirect responsibilities throughout the process of bringing these products to market, as quickly as possible.

While I certainly found opportunities to enhance the core business process itself, the only way I could have implemented a complete sustainable solution was to also address leadership structure, fact-based decisions, empowerment, effective communication, teamwork and other cultural aspects.

So when you look to achieve true business transformation, with measurable results, it is always a multi-variable equation you need to solve. It’s not only the process itself, or the systems people use. There is always a human factor that can make or break your change management efforts.

This is also what always makes those engagements interesting and challenging for me. It is an opportunity to unpack and integrate different knowledge areas—processes, systems, organizational coaching, and hands-on leadership.

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