Lessons that bats can teach us

Look how much damage one little bat can cause! It took one animal to shatter the entire American (and global) economy into small pieces.

A little modesty, that's what nature has decided to teach us. We clearly must change our value system as a society, and as individuals.

A little modesty, ladies and gentlemen, a little modesty ... Just a week ago, we complained and returned the cappuccino at Starbucks because the foam wasn't thick enough… and today? Just let me go to any coffee shop, and I will take whichever coffee, even unbrewed, without question.

A little modesty, folks, a little modesty… suddenly, it doesn't matter anymore if the toilet paper has two or three layers. Take what is left on the shelf and say thank you.

A little more respect, friends, a little better listening… think about all those daily arguments and debates over nonsense in thousands of corporate conference rooms across the country. Suddenly, within a month, there is nothing to argue about. Millions of people have no conference rooms to return to. So many lost their jobs. And who did it? How ironic, one little bat. Next time you get caught in a heated political debate at work, in some nicely-decorated board room, put a bat model on the table and get back to talking.

A little modesty ... how much effort we made so that the hole in the ozone does not grow, and here comes one little bat disabling global industries, shutting down most planes and millions of cars that do not release carbon anymore, because everyone is in isolation or works from home ... and only God peeks through the hole in the ozone that is closing, and smiling with satisfaction. “Here again, I taught them an important lesson ...”.

Spring is already here and we will soon trim the trees in our backyards. That's the way nature is. We need new growth, and the old branches need to be cleaned, diluted, to make sure sunrays reach all branches. Nature has its own rules. And this makes me think that we as a society might have crossed the lines a bit, and someone hinted at us to take a step back, reassess our values, our priorities, and grow new roots. It's just a pity that so many people are hurt in the process.

It is our job now to make sure that we people take advantage of the crisis for a new, healthier world! So, #People, #leaders, has the Coronavirus taught you a lesson in #modesty? Will you become a different #leader? Will you emerge as a different person?

Let’s store the current experience in our long-term memory!

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